Overtime, the rap genre in Nigeria has grown, albeit very slowly. I mean it’s definitely nowhere comparable to American rap or even the newly discovered, trendy UK rap in terms of commerciality, but it is getting there.
Still, Nigeria has produced some terrific rap albums, which can go head to head to some top foreign rap albums, and S.A rap can’t measure up to us just yet.

To buttress my point, we will take a look at the top five greatest rap albums in Nigeria.

M.I’s Talk about It:

M.I’s debut album was a MONSTER. He took no prisoners as he unleashed the best album the Nigerian rap scene will ever truly appreciate. This album made him a household name. This album paved a way for up and coming rappers. M.I took a risk with this album when he was fully aware that rappers starved to death because Nigerians really did not give a fuss about rap at the time. So, it is only right for us to pay homage to this spectacular artist and this forever evergreen rap album. The relevance of this album cannot be over-emphasized enough.

DaGrin’s C.E.O. This first prominent indigenous rapper in Nigeria whose influence gave rise to the likes of Olamide, Phyno, Falz and others. Even after his death, his influence is unmatched. Pon Pon Pon is still a trademark hit. Nobody they knew they’d love indigenous rap until DaGrin came along. DaGrin did that, and he deserves posthumous awards for this.

Olamide’s Rapsodi. Olamide built on from where DaGrin left off. He achieved the impossible with this album. Olamide infused afro-pop into afro-rap. Olamide did that which makes him another pacesetter. He built an empire, something I am definitely sure DaGrin will be proud of up there.

M.I 2. The second M.I album to make this list. Just one word for this album. GOOSEBUMPS. Every rap fan should listen to this, every aspiring rapper should listen to this. This album right here is a blueprint to be a successful rapper. From the Prelude to Imperfect Me feat Ruby, Bola and Kauna. This album deserves to be placed in the hall of fame of rap albums. As a whole, the entire discography of M.I is astonishing which is why it is surprising and depressing when he is compared to artists who have not attained half of M.I’s influence in Nigeria’s rap scene.

Jesse Jagz’s Royal Niger. Without further ado, Jesse Jagz’s Royal Niger album is top-notch, untouchable, a conscious album, classical rap at its best. Don’t mess with Jesse Jagz. He is a RAP GOD, and that is undebatable. It is a shame that till this day; Nigerians have not fully appreciated the genius of Jesse Jagz and the genius and effort that went into putting this album together.

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