Falz took the Nigeria music scene by storm, no one saw him coming. He was different, fresh, socially and politically conscious exactly what we needed at the time. Moral instruction came in a time of great peril when Nigeria was going through many issues like corruption, police brutality, religious hypocrisy, thievery, suffering and so on.

When this album came out, a lot of wanted to quash it, quash Falz’s career, which fortunately they did not achieve. This album caused political debates, politicians hated it, and self-righteous Nigerians hated it with disgust.
This album hit home, it hit nerves, and the following songs did the damage.

5. Johnny: This song tackled police brutality; the Nigerian youth faced/ currently faces at the hands of SARS, who are responsible for more deaths of Nigerians youth than natural disasters.

4. Hypocrite: As the title suggest, and taking a lyric from the song which says “everybody is a motherfucking hypocrite o”. Where he accused everybody of not wanting to fight for their basic rights, as they would rather recycle the same old politicians.

3. Talk: This song called out President Buhari who out of a 4-year tenure, went on a 2-year holiday. He called out the internet fraudsters, the runs girls who instead of working, prefer sleeping with old rich men to make money and keep up with unrealistic societal standards. He called out pastors who own three jets by just being pastors.

2. Brother’s Keeper: It lashed out at greedy Nigerians who do not care about suffering Nigerians, their neighbors, doctors who are unwilling to treat a gunshot patient until a police report is provided, politicians who live large on taxpayers’ naira, pharmacists who sell expired drugs in a bid to make more money not caring about the people who die as a result.

1. Paper: Paper here is a metaphor for money and it addresses the extent to which Nigerians will go to make money, not caring who they hurt in the process.

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