The Influence of Twitter in the Music Industry

The influence of Social Media platform, Twitter, in Nigerian Music has grown tremendously. It has become one of the most influential social media platforms dictating the trends in the Nigerian Music. When it comes to the Nigerian Music scene, Twitter has played a large role in launching the careers of some of the major artists […]

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Top 5 best songs in Falz’s Moral Instruction

Falz took the Nigeria music scene by storm, no one saw him coming. He was different, fresh, socially and politically conscious exactly what we needed at the time. Moral instruction came in a time of great peril when Nigeria was going through many issues like corruption, police brutality, religious hypocrisy, thievery, suffering and so on. […]

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m.i abaga songs

Top 5 greatest rap albums in Nigeria

Overtime, the rap genre in Nigeria has grown, albeit very slowly. I mean it’s definitely nowhere comparable to American rap or even the newly discovered, trendy UK rap in terms of commerciality, but it is getting there. Still, Nigeria has produced some terrific rap albums, which can go head to head to some top foreign […]

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